Advance Illinois (AI)

It is important that adequate and modern technology resources are available to support the Advancement functions at the U of I Alumni Association, U of I Foundation, and the Campus Development/Advancement Offices.  These resources are important to support and facilitate the following.


For the past six, years, the UIF, UIAA, and Campus Advancement have been investigating upgrading Advancement-related technologies to support these business drivers.  In 2007, the Advancement Technology Project (ATP) was conducted to identify University-wide Advancement technology gaps. This resulted in a proposal for significant technology changes.  Given the fact that the University was in the midst of conducting the public phase of the Brilliant Futures Capital Campaign, and funding was unavailable, a series of Technology enhancing “Quick Wins” were implemented over the next five years including:

An Advancement Information Council (AIC) was also formed to enhance collaboration among the U of I Alumni Association, U of I Foundation, and the Campus Development/Advancement Offices related to high level Advancement Technology priorities and initiatives.

Now five years later, the AIC has recommended and laid the groundwork for an advancement technology upgrade aimed to significantly enhance or replace the 20+ year old technology infrastructure and potentially other related technologies.. This initiative will carry forward the work of the ATP into a needs analysis, RFP, solutions review, selection and eventual conversion and implementation.  Timing is crucial to insure that the technology solution is fully implemented prior to the public phase of the next University wide Capital Campaign (approximately 2017).

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