Foundation Membership

Foundation Members have an ongoing engagement with the University characterized by extraordinary financial support, advocacy and involvement.

Foundation member responsibilities

The primary duty of a University of Illinois Foundation Member is to vote in the election of our corporate directors, usually at our annual fall meeting.

Foundation Members also:

  • Give generously to the University of Illinois
  • Contribute their personal time, skills and resources
  • Volunteer to teach University classes and mentor students
  • Attend or sponsor special fundraising or focus events
  • Host alumni gatherings
  • Act as campaign steering committee chairs and volunteer coordinators
  • Recruit others interested in supporting and/or acting as advocates for the University of Illinois

Nomination and election

The University of Illinois Foundation’s Bylaws set the maximum number of regular Members at 1,000. The Foundation's Board Membership and Governance Committee takes responsibility for recruiting, nominating and electing Members.

Foundation Members are nominated and elected based on a number of criteria, including:

  • A philanthropic commitment to the University
  • A record of or a potential for encouraging involvement in University, campus, and unit activities 
  • A record of advocacy to the University and the University of Illinois Foundation

In general, Foundation Members are also members of the President's Council (a program representing the highest level of University-wide donor involvement) and/or members of the Chancellor's Circle (a leadership annual giving program for each campus). 

Honorary University of Illinois Foundation members

University of Illinois Foundation members may be either regular members or honorary members. Honorary members become members ex-officio for as long as they hold any of the following positions:

  • President of the University of Illinois
  • Members of the Board of Trustees of the University
  • The Governor of the state of Illinois
  • The Chairman of the University of Illinois Alumni Association
  • The Chancellor(s) of each of the three campuses